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Mamayan Ayaw sa Suhulan at Iligal na Droga-MASID

Mababago po natin ang Pilipinas… paisa-isang ahensiya… paisa-isang Filipino… at uunahin ko sa aking sarili…! Major Ferdinand Marcelino

Together with friends I joined in solidarity a public mass at PDEA celebrated by Bishop Pavillo. I met at the mass-rally members of MASID ( Mamayan Ayaw sa Suhulan at Iligal na Droga) coming from the urban poor, youth and other socio-civic groups and leaders of Manila, Montalban, etc., most of whom I had a chance to work in the past. I also met several community organizer friends and got to listen to the story of one of PDEA’s director receiving lecture on community organizing for their PDEA academy.

Below are photos of the protest stage by the people’s organization with Katarungan /Justice with the scale and money on her hands and eye uncovered, not blind but have a special eye for those who can afford to buy (in) justice.

In this video Director Santiago is berating media for sensationalizing allegations against Major Marcelino so instead the issue and the focus is not anymore on the Alabang Boys but on other unimportant and unrelated concerns.

Press Statement
27 January 2009

Mamayana Ayaw sa Suhulan at Iligal na Droga-MASID
(Movement Against Corruption and Illegal Drugs – MACID)

The so-called Alabang Boys controversy has stirred up a lot of issues which again exposed the present administration of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for its “outrageous graft and unmitigated corrupt practices”. Now it’s the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) claiming that millions of pesos had changed hands in the Department of Justice which resulted to state prosecutors dismissing the case against suspected drug pushers who belong to rich and influential families.

The resurgence of NARCO-POLITICS presents a serious and immediate threat to this country. It was no other than Director Dionisio Santiago, head of the PDEA, who categorically said the existence of “narco-politics all over the country” which illegal drugs trade worth an estimated US$ 6.3 to 8.4 billion yearly. Worse the Philippines ranked as No. 1 in Southeast Asian country with the most number of drug users based on the 2008 World Drug report released by the UN office on Drugs and Crime.

Whilst the long list of billion dollars worth of government contracts (such as the ZTE deal, the fertilizer fund scam, the Northrail Project, etc) tainted with graft and corruption has put our country in shame by earning the title “Most Corrupt” country based on the 2008 Global Corruption Report released by Transparency International (TI). This only means that GMA is failing to curtail corruption.

Ang Pilipinas ang bansang may pinakamaraming adik at Bansang Pinaka-kurakot sa buong mundo.
Nakakahiya na Mrs. President!

We simply cannot continue to allow illegal drugs destroy the sacredness of our families and peace in our communities and schools as a result in part of the greed of drug lords coddled by “politician at all levels in government”.

The demolition jobs perpetrated to the heroes of PDEA will not make any sense at all. We do not believe the distrustful statements of Resado. He is making mockery of Congress and the Filipinos. We are happy that Major Marcelino lambasted Sec. Gonzales. We all wanted to do the same.

However we say no to the proposed appointment of Gen. Jovito “The Buthcer” Palparan in PDEA or DBB. PDEA is now an institution becoming a beacon of hope and trust for our people. He will definitely destroy the integrity of PDEA established so far.

We are also alarmed on the independent commission formed to investigate the Alabang Boys issue whose members are all selected by Sec. Gonzales himself. Why not leave the responsibility of investigation to the Ombudsman who has the power and legal mandate for such concern?

We must be vigilant now so that more people will be courageous and honest enough to come out and be like Maj. Ferdinand Marcelino and Gen. Dionisio Santiago who exposed the corruption in the Department of Justice (DOJ) and keep waging total war against illegal drugs.

Mamayan Ayaw sa Suhulan at Iligal na Droga-MASID is a group of concerned individuals and leaders f non-government organizations and people’s organizations prompted by the so-called Alabang Boys controversy who gathered themselves in a place in Quezon City on January 22, 2009, to discuss the current state of illegal drugs and corruption in the Philippines. The group members committed to help mobilize their respective constituencies to provide civil society support to the pursuit of truth and accountability in the current Alabang Boys Controversy.

MASID will vigorously pursue the following aims:
1) To help educate the various civil society groups and broader Philippine society on the extent of influence and threat of illegal drugs and corruption to the Philippine politics.

2) To connect and move into action the peoples, communities, schools and various organizations who are concerned and outraged at the expose of bribery at the DOJ that could have led to the dismissal of three influential drug pushers;

3) To provide venues for greater citizens participation in helping pursue a more truthful and transparent investigation on the drug and bribery issues involved in the current Alabang Boys controversy leading to the prosecution of those involved and the installation policies that would strengthen current institution’s capacity top deal with the drug and corruption menace.

Contact and Quote:
Soti Sabarre – NGO Worker (0910-391-6128/ 0907-742-6493)
Rolly Serna - - Urban Poor Leader from Navotas
Email – masid2009@yahoo.com

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Marites said...

tunay ka at nakakatakot isipin na isa tayo sa may pinakamataas na numero ng adik sa mundo!! dagdagan pa ng titulong isa sa mga pinakakurarot sa mundo. Ang pangit talaga ng dating. Kailangan tayong mga mamamayan mismo ang kumilos at hindi na hintayin ang gobyerno (andoon naman ang maraming kurakot) na kumilos..

Marites said...

Sana, laging patnubayan ng Diyos at ilayo sa panganib ang mga taong kagaya ni Major Marcelino at Dir. Santiago. Sana rin itong media maghinay-hinay sa pagpapalaki ng kaguluhan.

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