Tuesday, April 01, 2008

First Filipina to run in Korean Assembly

I came across this news from buhaykorea and I will post it here as well. This is a significant milestone for Filipinas and the rest of foreign women married to Koreans. Indeed the Korean society is changing a great deal. The birth rate is increasing and a significant portion of the increase is coming from multicultural families. I do hope to see Judith Alegre Fernandez fulfilling the agenda she set for her platform. I created a particular blog about this trend focused on Filipino-Korean families, but have not updated on a regular basis I call the blog Kosians.

Here is an excerpt of the news:

The Creative Korea Party recommended Judith Alegre Fernandez (37) as proportional representation for the general election held in April. A new chapter is expected to open in Korean political history as recognizing electoral eligibility of migrants.

Moon Kook-hyun, the leader of the party, talked about the significance of this recommendation on the phone interview with IBMK. Criticizing that existing parties had been obsessed with nepotism and selfishness, he said that the Creative Korea Party would succeed with realistic politics for the future by overcoming an old-fashioned political framework.



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