Sunday, April 13, 2008

Peace Walk to Stop Grand Canal

I was told about a rally against the Grand Canal - a project of President lee Myung-bak, connecting Seoul and Busan. Although I admire his restoration of the Cheonggyecheon stream,
I am not in favor of the 500 KM long river. Environmental impact is one of the issues and definitely there will be displacement of people and their livelihood.

But I came unprepared since I thought it will just be a demonstration, it was late when I learned it is a 12 KM Prayer Walk with an ecumenical group. I did not finish the whole walk since I have a Korean class to attend. So I had a chance to ride the new route of the subway from Dosan (Pyeondong is the end track for now) to Geumnamno.

(foto from BBC website)

Starting off the Peace Walk with a ceremonial bow

River Views

up to a hill for a rest after more than an hour walk (Naju-Gwangju)

starting 'em young, these children without caomplaint finished the 12 km trek

Short break, talk by Mr. Lim Nak Pyong (President/Exec.Director of Korean Federation for Environmental Movement, Gwangju) whom I first met in 2005 in the Philippines on an NGO exchange/study of the environment movements in the Philippines.

youth environment activists from Chonnam University

Photo with Mr. Lim Nak Pyong

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