Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lucinda Matlock by Edgar Lee Master

It is not uncommon for my blog to appear on google search for the words - love+life, well my blog posts are stories of my life and others and definitely it features my passion and love for life.

So adding to the tome of my entries on love and life is a poem by Edgar Lee Masters below:

Edgar Lee Masters (1868–1950).
Spoon River Anthology. 1916.

207. Lucinda Matlock

I WENT to the dances at Chandlerville,
And played snap-out at Winchester.
One time we changed partners,
Driving home in the moonlight of middle June,
And then I found Davis. 5
We were married and lived together for seventy years,
Enjoying, working, raising the twelve children,
Eight of whom we lost
Ere I had reached the age of sixty.
I spun, I wove, I kept the house, I nursed the sick, 10
I made the garden, and for holiday
Rambled over the fields where sang the larks,
And by Spoon River gathering many a shell,
And many a flower and medicinal weed—
Shouting to the wooded hills, singing to the green valleys. 15
At ninety-six I had lived enough, that is all,
And passed to a sweet repose.
What is this I hear of sorrow and weariness,
Anger, discontent and drooping hopes?
Degenerate sons and daughters, 20
Life is too strong for you—
It takes life to love Life.



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