Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Presscon: Playboy Philippines March 2009 Issue

Tamed bunnies were on the loose at Sulo Hotel for a presscon of Playboy Philippines. Young and very sweet models graced March 2009 issue. Present at the presscon were cover girl Sara Polverini, an Italian-Pinay mix very matured looking on the cover but at the presscon she looks radiantly youngish and adorable and centerfold girl Jessie Medina, dazzling and gorgeous both on paper and peeled-off the paper.

Compared to other Playboy mag in other countries the Philippine issue would be considered prudish. Its managing editor Mikhail Lecaros maintained that the mag is classy, tasteful and artsy in nature. Add to that literary, several pinoy great writers contribute to the mag following a tradition. The second installment of Ricky Lee’s first novel Para kay B is featured for its fiction selections. Aside from the usual lifestyle and entertainment pages, the Playboy Forum tackles hot issues (well not what you think, that should be a regular fare, right?), am referring to social-cultural-economic-political issue in particular global migration and Filipino Diaspora (the OFW in me, hehehe).

Thanks to Azrael for the invite. Through him am getting a feel of what Pinoy bloggers are up to these days. Few weeks back I came to know an event through plurk. So I got a chance to attend a wifi test at SM City Marikina a supposed to be blogging event that turned to plurking event and met several people whom I would greet and chat through plurk.

Well, I hope that my women and feminist friends will not take this against me. International Women’s Day is just few days to go. Definitely I am not into commodification of women’s body (just into appreciation of a woman’s body as an art form, hmmm.. does it still sounds not sooo politically correct?). And to think that Playboy’s Big Boss have even co-opted the word empowerment, “Women have embraced the brand in a way that was unthinkable 20 years ago. What previously was seen as a male chauvinist brand now is seen by women as a source of empowerment as well. That makes me very happy.” Happy indeed is Hef that his empire is continued to be admired and Playboy Philippines will soon be celebrating its first year anniversary next month.

Okey my reason maybe lame but read what Fashion Designer Laura Whitcomb has to say, “When I was a fashion stylist, I’d always turn down any job demeaning to women, but I think PLAYBOY is the only magazine of that type not demeaning. The women are empowered in their sexuality. Our clothes are based on sexiness, because that’s a token of empowerment.” Hmmm, getting mixed-up with my notion of women empowerment.

So what is your take?

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Anonymous said...

wow. nice blog. and thak you for gracing our event. and i like the quote from desgner whitcomb.