Saturday, March 07, 2009

So, have you lost an ID Card?

I created a new blog and here's an excerpt:

Public Service

Let’s help one another. It is too cumbersome to apply for a lost ID. It entails money, lost time, effort plus all those hassles of filling up forms, securing affidavit of lost, queuing lines, dealing with bureaucracy and whatnots.

Let us know where you have found those lost IDs. If you have a digital camera we encourage you to take photos of them and have them posted on this blog (photo line/blog/website link). Or if you do not have access to a digital camera we hope someone out there could volunteer to take fotos of them and have them posted.

Maybe you left your ID in some particular place and could not go to that place because of your circumstance let us know and let us see if there will be volunteer to check it out and verify it for you.

And if you are familiar with the person whose ID have been found, do let the person know about it and the details where it can be reclaim.

Should you find an ID or a document that is important for those people who have lost them you may turn them over to the nearest police station in your place, to your barangay captain and other institutions that you trust.

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