Monday, May 26, 2008

My Way with Cow Bells

Playing a haunting music with saw for a violin.


Singing ala-Pavarotti

Back home, I've heard stories of homicides at videoke bars because of quarrel and fight over Frank Sinatra' s song My Way. The song is the most favorite videoke songs, an anthem even for most videoke singers. So if the song is not sung in the proper way and offended the discriminating ears of its listeners, such situation could really turn fatal that would lead way to the funeral.

But here in Korea, My Way is performed a different and unique way. My Way performed with different sizes of cow bells. The performer even made use of saw for a violin. He yodels and sings opera. A virtuoso who confessed that it was his first time to perform in his suit outdoor under a blazing afternoon sun.

My Way (His Way) with Cow Bells

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thess said...

napaka talenado naman ng ginoong ito!!