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Personafile - 1000th Twitter Follower

Not sure how I came across you.
- phil (twitter name: pbeisel)

Well I think this is a common thing at twitter. A blind following another blind phenomenon. I myself a particular example following several thousands and being followed by a thousand. But you can get to a destination you want to should you click their lead links.

So in honor of my 1000th follower, pbeisel, I decided to blog about him or particularly his product or services at

The Q and A below give us a good glimpse of their products ans services. So check out their website for more info at

1) Why do you use twitter and why did you follow me?

Using twitter as a marketing experiment… see how I can reach more people. Not sure how I came across you.

2) You have an online business, what it is all about and what inspired you to start it?

Personafile is all about products. We have a huge database of products with lots of support information. We were inspired to start this because it seemed to us that manufacturers did a poor job of supporting their products (their focus is on selling the new stuff).

3) Why should people avail of your products and services? What makes it different from the rest?

In most cases, Personafile is 100% than visiting the manufacturer’s site and hunting down the information. People find us through search and other online venues. Some decide to become members and place the products their own in their personafile account.

4)What are some challenges that you encounter in the market? How are you addressing these challenges?

The site itself was very difficult to build, trying to find a structure that fit the common information/flow of information for millions of different kinds of products. In general, its also difficult to get the word out. Once people discover Personafile, they use it often.

5)Are there plans to diversify in the future or any future plans?

We have lots of plans to expand the way we gather and deliver information. One experiment is twitter itself, see to see “product that twitter”. In addition we have a big plan on how to co-op other bloggers efforts… we will be rolling that out in the next couple of weeks. There is a never ending list of fun/cool things to do.

6)So far what is the response of the market to your product/services? Do you have mechanism of addressing their needs and suggestions, how customer friend is your business?

The response to our service has been great. Lots of people make many suggestions, many of which we incorporate. The page is the perfect example, inspired by some of our members… who wanted us to blog more actively about the various products in our database.

7) Do you see twitter as a help or tool to promote your business?

Twitter is an experiment for us. It’s a cool way to communicate quickly, but obviously lacks depth. See #5 above on how we are using Twitter… we may expand that to hundreds of thousands of products in the future.

8) What other features would you want to see available at twitter?

Twitter needs better ways to follow a subset of people you really care about… a way to classify your friends. Twitter is like microblogging… still confused if its better for me to blog or twitter.

9) Any projections or trends that you see in the future of the internet that people should watch out?

I am not very good at seeing the future… but if were to predict… I’d say video is about to take over the net. Bandwidth is finally getting to a place where video is a natural act.

10) Any final words?

Few… thanks for your interest and good luck with your blogging..

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Obviously I have few updates - I started 9:27 AM of December 4, 2007, that was five months ago but definitely I have been trying to reach out personally to all those thousand followers by twitting them individually. That is the reason why I have few twits. Also I try to twit those that I think is interesting - avoiding the trivial and mundane, I give my space to others for that matter.

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