Thursday, June 26, 2008

4YOBlog - Happy Birthday to my blog

4 years and blogging on...

Below is a video of Ayen and Nom's birthday celebration in Ilocos. Very raw, unedited, like the rustic scene of Ilocos (still unchanged/few changes), and very natural like the pulse of life flowing from the faces and voices as the birthday song "Pada-padakam nga Kumablaaw" (All gathered here to greet you happy birthday) is sung. Listening to the music and watching the scene evokes nostalgia of my vacation early this month and the good old days celebrating my birthdays in Ilocos.

Yes it has been four years of blogging. I neglected it and almost believed in the slogan "have a life" (not become slave of your blog). Well I do enjoy living and loving and include to that is blogging. Blogging is not my life, I am just blogging what is happening in my life, like making an entry to my journal.

Although I squirm at the thought of being read by people, Alexa rank is now at 100 K plus which I targeted to achieve by December this year - perhaps to maintain until the end of the year. But anyway what's in a rank. As I previously blogged, I am more of a blog romantic than a blog pragmatic. Blogging as way of self expression, an on-line journal, now sharing information and practicing writing skills rather than making use of my blog to earn a most bloggers do these days. Thanks to feedjit that I am able to find out what people are searching so they stumble into my blog. The more reason I need to put more essence in blogging, so it can function as a real resource online.

As a way to celebrate my 4th year blogging I came up with a blog meme of 4YOBlog - blog four years and older but it seems those whom I tagged to do it is having a hard time finding other bloggers to tag.

Still it is time to celebrate and look forward to the future of blogging! I wonder what would it be like in the next 4 years, would it be call in a different name. What hybridizations and re-engineering will happen in cyberspace in the future?

Happy birthday dear blog! (I checked the time of my blog first entry it was 3:09 AM in Riyadh, KSA and the time in the PC is now 3:04 AM in Gwangju, ROK... hmmm).


Morningangel said...

So many children! What wonderful faces. Thank you for sharing.

(This blog is a difficult one to load, very slow. Is it because of a lot of widgets?)

Pete Rahon said...

oh i am sorry, but from the place where i am it just download normally.. but will try to minimize the widgets...

yeah it was the whole village celebrating my niece birthday - with their parents as well...

strawberrygUrl said...

happy blogsversary! more power to you and your blog!

Anonymous said...

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Its the best way to increase the number of hits. You will be benefitted and so will I.

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Cheers !!


Lizeth said...

happy birthday to your blogÜ