Sunday, June 29, 2008

PACMAN: Quintessential Fight of a Fourth Time Boxing World Champ

(foto from Wikipedia)

I was at the wake of Chris dad, a good friend and colleague. The dad was diagnosed with lung cancer after a year of having medical check but doctors could not find his ailment. Two months ago he was given the death sentence and today at past 7:00 AM Chris dad left his mortal coil. May he rest in peace.

So I missed the boxing match of PACMAN (Manny Pacquiao) and David Diaz. Definitely I am a boxing fan. Unlike the acted out wrestling, boxing is a real sports. The more I admire the sports when I read the essay written by Joyce Carol Oates “On Boxing”.

Thanks to the internet and so I was able to watch  the fight and review by Setanta Sports commentators. I learned about the link from Pinoy Blogosphere and clik on one of the links cited.

Indeed David Diaz put a good fight against Pacman, bruised and bleeding he fought until he dropped. As the announcer said “… a young man from Chicago with a heart of a lion, an Olympian and world champion”. But he was no match with Philippines pride when he got knocked out at 2(min):24 (sec) of the 9th round of their supposed to be 12 rounds of fight. Setanta Sports commentator said Pacman made Diaz appeared like a flat footed novice when he is not, since Diaz, a world champ showed a good and honest fight.

I could say that from Manny’s last fight he did improved a great deal. Those head and body combinations were arsenals. His speed and technique is a real powerhouse of a champion. One thing admirable of this boxer is his faith. He never forgets to give thanks to his God. And I hope that he won’t try again his luck at Philippine politics but instead focus on his sports and in inspiring other aspiring Filipino boxers to become a great boxer like him.

Mabuhay Manny Pacquiao!

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Ner said...

sure, you can use the pic, kinuha ko lang din po sa un eh.

indeed, pacquiao beat the hell out of diaz and i asked myself how diaz came out to be a champ before that fight. perhaps pacquiao was too much for him. anyway, i'm no boxing fan so i don't know what i'm talking about here hehe.

baka di nyo po napansing sa LP din po ako. eto po ang lahok ko para sa linggong ito:

salamat po sa pagdaan! :)