Friday, June 20, 2008

Vacation Trip to Ilocos

Below are links of my blog posts from our family blog:

The slide show is that of my 'kins (nieces and nephews) doing water color and playing in the fields at the height of an afternoon burning sun. So they played until the evening running around and spraying other kids with their water gun.

Nom, daughter Shekinah and son Andre

Birthday girl Ayen (Ryan and Vjoy's duaghter)

Nom and Ryan's Family (tatay is partly hidden)

I've heard again after so loooong time (felt so sentimental hearing the song I would hear when celebrating bdays in Ilocos as a kid) "pada-padakam a kumablaaw" (all gathered here to great you happy birthday). One of the highlights of the singing is the crowning and giving of flowers to the celebrators.

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Morningangel said...

There is so much celebration and a genuine sense of happiness emanating from these pictures.