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Blog Hazard: Dealing with Nasty Blog Comments

15 July 2007
12:02 PM

(Note: image above is from the button of linked in yahoo group)

I signed up lately to LinkedIn Bloggers at yahoogroups and posted this topic, blog hazard to the group. I received very construcitve and informative feedback.

Since I don't have persmission to quote the exchanges there. Those who are interested to join - provided you have linkedin account I encourage you to join
the group and learn from professional bloggers. Here's the group description:

Group Description: LinkedIn Bloggers is a forum for discussing how blogging and related technologies,
such as podcasting, video blogging (vlogging)and wikis can support members' professional networking using LinkedIn.

I recently received what I call blog hazard:nasty comments more than a blog criticism. After all they neglected to see and read the intent of the blog entry for which they commented on. But learning from John Chow, I thought of blog diplomacy for the title of this blog entry. But checking the internet, the word is now co-opted by US politicians especially with what they describe as “a three-person, "digital outreach team" posting entries in Arabic on "influential" Arabic blogs to challenge misrepresentations of the United States and promote moderate views among Islamic youths in the hopes of steering them from terrorism” (State Dept. Tries Blog Diplomacy by Walter Pincus, 2007). So I used another title. Blog diplomacy is what I would summarize the particular section on “How to handle negative comments in a blog” an ebook given out by famous blogger Mr. John Chow to his blog subscribers.

Serendipity Entrecard! It was through entrecard that I came across a posting of a contest by John Chow. For those who are not into entrecard, it is one of the most active and engaged community of bloggers by having your entrecard or internet/blog business card displayed or dropped on other blogs or sites. The community is growing aside from the regular buying and selling advertisements. There’s forum to exchange and also barter goods and services, it can be purchased too in real dollars aside from entrecard points. There’s so much going-on at entrecard that is really making it as a close knit community of bloggers. I believed most bloggers who are into monetizing their blog are familiar with John Chow. Entrecard is also gaining popularity among bloggers since it is the latest and most powerful means of getting to know and read fellow bloggers and gets promoted as blogger.

Although Mr. John Chow’s contest referred to is good only for the US based bloggers I managed to browse through his blog. Admittedly I don’t read his blog since I am not much into monetizing my blog, definitely a blog romantic more than a blog pragmatic. But still I made it a point to sign up to his newsletter and boy, I was given a thank you note and a link to his ebook Make Money Online with John Chow dot Com. I browsed the ebook and read with interest the “blog diplomacy” section that of handling negative comments.

Indeed I’ve been pampered lately by Litratong Pinoy receiving praises and pleasant comments, thus encouraging me to join the weekly photo submission. So I was not prepared for this blog hazard: dealing with a nasty comment. I did not erase those comments and have them available online for people to see. So what is the maxim of Mr. John Chow, he says that as your blog gets bigger the number of negative comments increases. And this is his punchline “ I actually look forward to negative comments in my blog because it’s an indication of growth”, that was his very first line and definitely very powerful. I could only smile and remember reading those witty sarcasm of Oscar Wilde, as if he is blogging! I highly suggest for bloggers not to miss out that e-book. So subscribe to his blog and get that e-book.

Well, I also like to point out here that with that nasty comment experience I came across a good site which web companies are employing in their site it is called Get Satisfaction. They describe themselves as “ a place where people can get the most from the products they use, and where companies are encouraged to get real with their customers.” Apparently Plurk employ such service and so I made a complaint about Plurk Buddy who made the comment in my blog with their website linked and I was told it was not their Plurk Buddy but some imposter. So this made me think that should anyone who would like to malign you could easily do it by dropping nasty comments, vitriolic remarks, falsities and what not in the comment section of blogs claiming your name and linking your blog, wow your done! But I don’t think they can get rid away with it. There will always be ways by which they can be traced and be found out with their wrong doings. But for this, bloggers should really watch out.

I don’t expect all people or bloggers for that matter to be nice but at least be more rational, sensible and diplomatic with their comments. Let’s argue about my points or opinions. Rebut and debate, oppose and disagree, for me these are fine and acceptable. But anyway, with John Chow’s blog maxim I hope to be more sensible and rational at dealing with blog hazards.

Lastly, there was one commentor which does not have any link so I can’t guess what kind of life he is living, since I was told to have a life, hey man my blog is about love and life, hahhahaa! So I was ridiculed for believing in fairy tales. Well at least if ever I believe in them I have something to believe in. I am not sure if he ever read the classics and how he explains Santa Claus to his children or nephew and nieces. Since I do read and appreciate great literary works I would admire more those great authors and their body of works which I would presume he just watches in movies. And I wonder if he have heard of the news of JK Rowling delivering her Commencement Address at Harvard. Well these great authors had fantasy, imagination and creativity for which they became famous and great.

Nasty comments, naaahhh!

And by the way prediction or not, it seems the Philippines continue to experience some earthquakes. So dear countrymand and family and relatives be prepared if the big one would come. Hope it will just be small tremors. So please read my blog post to acquaint yourself with LA Fire Department to prepare for any eventuallities.

Okay fellow bloggers here are other links I found interesting to read:

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(Got complaints with a web/online service try this out and hope you get satisfied)

State Dept. Tries Blog Diplomacy
By Walter Pincus
Monday, November 19, 2007; Page A15


entreview said...

entrecard does rule!
Check out for a weekly chance to win 1,000 entrecard credits!

Hope to see you there!

Susanne F said...

Thank you for the link to J.K.R, what a great speech.

Morning Angel said...

Pete, anyone who leaves negative comments on your blog is leaving negative comments about life in general. You write awesome blogs about positive life experiences, and you inspire me every day to do the same, that is, not to whine and complain, but to Life Life! Love Life!

Thanks and keep up the great blogging!

-Morning Angel

devari said...

is the contrary comment also belong to negative comments? I mean when people dont agree about what you wrote on your blog.

I sometimes can not stand such comments that personally attack me, then I juts delete it :)


betchay said...

being a forum moderator made me immune to trolls and negative comments... i just thank them for spending their time visiting my site and leaving a comment...

betchay said...

i like your blog as it is... i learn from it

Bob said...

When it comes to comments, I have ZERO problem with people disagreeing with me. However, when it's spam or when it's abusive, I have ZERO problem with deleting the comment. My blog, my rules. You don't like 'em, getcher own blog.

If there seems to be a trend of wacky comments, I turn on moderation for a while. That usually fixes the problem.

MommyBa said...

since the internet is free for all, as bloggers, we all have to be prepared to receive nasty comments. i wouldn't really mind those since i can always delete what i don't want others to emulate.

it saddens me that there are people who don't know how to respect other people's thoughts and opinions. just like in real life, respect is one thing that should not be taken for granted.

have a great week ahead!


I know where your coming from. It's not about the ease with which comments that are abusive or hurtful can be deleted, buts its more to do with how it affects you as a writer and makes you wonder what brings on so much hatred. I had a situation once when i won an online contest for a submission of my own poems and i got an email from a guy who said they were the worst he had ever read. Over a period of time i realised that peoples hurtful and abusive comments are less to do with what i have to say but more to do with their frustration about their own life. All we can do is hope they find a way to overcome their unhappiness.

Anyway stay positive and keep blogging. Cheers

lionel said...

Negative comments mean at least one good thing: someone took the time to read your blog entry, and formulate a response. Even if it doesn't always agree with your point-of-view.

thess said...

'you can't please everybody' that's how I simply see it... there are also those who truly have no respect for others that they take pride on hurting (leaving uncalled, nasty comments) others, sad I know...but that's a fact.

cheers to you Pete! continue your writing :)

TOCCO said...

Click on you from blogging fans group at yahoo. I appreciate your post. I will put you on my list of blogs I want to read! Keep up the good work!

BenSpark said...

With blogging you are always opening yourself up to the possibility of nasty comments. There are some people who thrive on creating controversy and are petty and jealous. Brush them aside and don't even give them the satisfaction of a reaction.