Monday, July 07, 2008

I WON Manila Bay! Philippine Issues Writing Project

This is a project of initiated by Nick. His pix in the blog is that of Ninoy (hmmmm...), below is his description of himself:

Nick is as passionate a Filipino as you will ever encounter. He lives on political and social news, and often writes about these topics as well. His personal blog is at which he started in 2006.

He is an engineer by trade. He is a Filipino-American, but 100% pure blooded Filipino.

He is a Cebuano, from Cebu of course. He loves Filipino food. And he loves Filipino women. He hates politicians who take advantage of the marginalized for political gains (which is almost all politicians).

He plays guitar, pool, golf, chess, basketball, and badminton. He hates small talk.

Although the name that appeared is Peter Ahon, that should be Pete Rahon, I definitely claim authorship to the article and that blog is this blog. Indeed it is an "ahon" rising up or pulling out of the waters of blogging to a more sensible writing. It is a recognition to my blogging effort (more than alexa rank, page rank, real rank and what ever rank they have, the esteem of a blogger will always be the from the regard of his/her peer bloggers) although I know for sure that there's so much to be improved in the blog entry I submitted - but it is my blog entry a very personal issue more than anything else. That's my blog romanticism. I don't claim at all that it is an erudite explanation, politically correct, or logically sound for that matter, yet it is my issue and definitely a Philippine issue.

Anyway, this is not acceptance speech for my award, hehehe... hey, it is a blog entry...

Thanks Nick for initiating the writing project and to your numerous benevolent sponsors, especially to Gibbs Cadiz for that nice coffee book coveted by another winnner, hehhe...

Below are the list of writers and their entries and also the prizes won, I ended up at 5th prize so as not to copy the whole blog of Nick here ( hi nick re-blogging your announcement, just three prizes short haha...).

The Philippine Issues Writing Project Summary, Prize Winners Announced

Written on Sunday, June 29th, 2008 at 6:20 pm | by Nick

The Philippine Issues Writing Project has wrapped up, with 32 entries in all, and many issues bared, I think we had a successful few weeks. Filipino Voices has much to be appreciative about, our growing readership, our excellent team of bloggers, and our passionate and lively discussions on the issues. To the many individuals who participated in the writing project, thank you for your insightful articles. The issues that were brought to light gave us food for thought.

This writing project was to kick off our official launch of this collaborative blog, which means that this is just a start, and we hope more participate in future writing projects.

And now to the writing project itself. Along with previous week’s entries, including the last two weeks, here are the entries in order of submission,

Peter Ahon - Nursing is Apolitical?

Coy - A Jun Lozada campus speech

Jon Magat - banning condom ads and educating the youth

Benign0 - video on Deforestation

Heck - Ang Pamumundok at Ang ZTE

Nick - Poverty in The Philippines, Our Biggest Issue

RJ Marmol - The Philippines’ Biggest Problem

Rina - The Tears of Sierra Madre

Christy Sanico - An Unheard Wail

Nightdreamer - Empty Barrels

Michael P. De Guzman - My Name is Not Susan

Hilda Kapauan Abola - What Is 40 Philippine Pesos

Ed Maquiling - Try Walking on a Host of Pathogens!

Calvin - Si Nanay

Totomai - Plight

Rina - Renewables Now

Mica - SPED Schools in The Philippines

Splice and Dice - Debris and Hubris

Patricio Mangubat - Remembering Father

Splice and Dice - Sons and Fathers

Rummel Pinera - Why Obama has To Win The Presidency

Rummel Pinera - Political Abrogationism for Real, Global and Moral Democracy

Oliver Geronilla - Tongue In Cheek?

Fitz - The State of Financial Literacy in The Philippines

JM Tuazon - Blogging Issues

Coy - Video on Checkpoints During Rallies

Legally Inclined - The Most Harmful Provisions of All

Cynch - CHANGE

Jon Magat - Bihasa Sa Pagtitiis Ang Mga Pilipino

Danny Sabino - Culture Building Peace Initiatives For the Tri-People

Shari - Lack of Involvement

Eugene - Lakbayan and the Enigma of Filipino Nationalism

A reminder to all, that all participants receive a free sticker, however, please contact us and leave your mailing address so that we can send it to you.

And now, to the prizes that were raffled off,

1. The winner of the Flickr Pro Account goes to Fitz Villafuerte

2. The winner of the 1 year blog hosting courtesy of Ederic are: Totomai, Ed Maquiling, and Heck

3. The winner of The CD set “20 speeches that moved a nation” courtesy of Manolo Quezon III goes to Mica

4. The winner of “Welcome To The Philippines” Coffee Table Book courtesy of Gibbs Cadiz goes to Coy

(Photo source

5. The winner of “Manila Bay: Crossroads of Asia” Coffee Table Book courtesy of Gibbs Cadiz goes to Peter Ahon


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