Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tayo ng mag-swimming!

Wow this picture was taken exactly a year ago. My good friend Tracey brought me along to one of the small islands in Wando for swimming with another friend Stew. I did enjoy the beach with its cold water and not so hot sun. Beach scenes are definitely interesting (hehehe) and this boy enjoying his watermelon-looking beach ball is refreshing sight.

Check out this couple:

and this mermaid too...

good friends Tracey and Stew

I definitely miss Tracey for all those exciting travels and trips. Comes weekend I hope to go and see the beach again this summer for the Mud Festival in Shinan. Below is a short excerpt from Wando County website:

Wando County consists of 200 large and small islands having ancient mystery, and it is the first-class clean sea area in Korea.

Wando County provides abundant marine products including ear shell, laver, bundle, kelp and flatfish, which is the most delicious and high-quality in nation. Jang Bo-go, the Great Commissioner, established Cheonghae Garrison during United Shilla Kingdom to build a marine kingdom. It is also a historic and cultural place where Admiral Yi Sun-shin (Chungmugong) and Yun Seon-do (pen name: Gosan) used to activate.

Kim Jong-sik
The County Chief of Wando-gun


thess said...

Hayy, masarap talaga magpunta sa beach lalo na at mainit ang panahon!

Happy LP, Pete!

spiCes said...

galing nung mermaid...maaliwalas ang mga larawan mo!

shutterhappyjenn said...

Ang galing naman nung sirena!

Naka-post na rin ang aking LP DITO.

Magandang Huwebes!

Linnor said...

treat talaga sa mga bata ang maglaro sa beach :)

betchay said...

We were supposed to go there last month (the 3-day weekend) but PILs thought it's too far. Anyway, I'd like to see the place exactly because of Jang Bogo and Lee Sun Shin. (Shame, I know more of Korea's history than my own country's)

lidsÜ said...

looks like a pretty, pretty place!
magandang huwebes sa'yo!

lino said...

masarap talaga mag beach... happy huwebes pete... :)

arvin said...

Kung totoo lang ang magandang sirena na yan, edi mas mapapapunta ako sa beach. Kahit dalhin na niya ako sa dagat, hehehe.

Willa said...

meron pang sculpture ni dyesebel, he he he

luna miranda said...

sexy naman ng serena!:D sarap talaga tumambay sa tabing-dagat.

ZJ said...

Shempre, mawawala ba ang mga sand castles at kung anu-ano pang sand carvings?? Teka, walang tagayan?!?!?

Me, the islands and the world said...

ang galing ng pose ng serena..ang alis ng beach! ganda!

Me, the islands and the world said...

summertime ang pinakamagandang panahon na dapat puntahan ang Batanes pero dapat nakapag-book ka na Dec or January palang kasi nga limited flights sila at marami ang mga nagpupunta na karamihan foreigners pa.

Pete Rahon said...

salamat po sa lahat ng komento at grabe feeling ko nagalugad ko ang buong karamihan ng dalampasigan ng Pilipinas wow! Ang ganda talaga ng bansa natin!

hi willa hindi ako makabisita sa blog mo...

Pinay MegaMom said...

Looks like that was a very relaxing day at the beach for you. I wish I had more time to spend on the beach, like maybe once a week, hehe!

yvelle said...

kay sarap naman magswimming..
maligayang araw!

Buge said...

Mukhang nag-enjoy kayo sa beach! Nakakatuwa yung picture nung mermaid :)

KD said...

Masarap talagang pasyalan ang mga dalampasigan natin sa pinas, talagang mag-eenjoy ka.

Happy LP

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