Sunday, July 06, 2008

Earthquake shakes Aurora Province, Manila


07 July 2008

2:42 PM (Korean Time)

Here's an email from a friend about the non-existence of the prediction on the website:

Hi pete!

here's the website of jucelino with his predictions

Under july 2008 there is no prediction of an earthquake in the Philippines!!!

What's amazing was that he predicted the storm and floods in the Philippines last June 2008.

Here's the entry -

- Major floods in China caused by a hurricane and are already thousands of deaths and starts reaching Bangladesh and the Philippines;

That was storm Frank which caused many horrible disasters last month and one of the papers said it caused damage worth P555M!

Am still wondering where they got the date July 18, 2008.

Whatever, whenever, these are the times to be prepared for major disasters, which we always have naman. Kaya siguro tayo deadma na sa bagyo, lindol, baha, etc. The only difference is that this time it will be stronger. Time for us to rethink, este overhaul, plan and maybe find quantum ways of facing these natural disasters.

Haaay, bayan ko! Nagmamahal pa rin.


I was chatting with a friend from the Philippines when he received a text about the news of earthquake.

I asked at plurk and saw an answer and link I am posting here below the news from

A 4.5-magnitude earthquake shook Aurora Province Sunday night.

Dr. Renato Solidum, Director ng Philippine institute for Volcanoloy and Seismology (Phivocs), said the quake’s epicenter is located 103 kilometers east of Baler. It took place at 8:01 p.m.

The earthquake, which was described as tectonic in origin, was felt all the way to Manila.

Intensity 4 was felt in Baler, Aurora; Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija; Plaridel, Bulacan; and Manila.

Intensity 2 was felt Clark Air Base, Pampanga; San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan; GuiƱangan, Quezon; Baguio City; and Cainta, Rizal.

No damage to property was reported as of posting time.


I just hope that the prediction of Mr. Juseleeno Nobulega DaRoose won't happen. A friend of mine pointed out that the prediction of the earthquake in the Philippines is not found on the website of the psychic. She however stressed that in LA they really prepare a great deal - fire/earthquake drill, first aid kit, First-aid-CPR. etc. She also mentioned that if tectocnic plate shifts in the Philippines LA/Calif. USA will get affected. The Baler quake may in a way will be precursor to future geologic activities in the Pacific.

We hope this is not the sign of a bigger quake to come or any future aftershock. But still, it is best to be prepared.

So please check some guide posted here:

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